Laboratory Instrument

  1. JDC Precision Sample Cutter

    The JDC is recognized worldwide as the accepted standard for preparing samples of paper, metal foils, nonwovens, films, tissue and a variety of other materials.
    Plastic Film, Paper, Paperboard, Tissue Paper
    – Safety shields to protect operator
    – Sample accuracy to 0.001 in
    – Platform support for sample stability
    – Cutting Width: 15, 25, 50 mm; 1, 2, 3 inch (Custom sizes available)
    – Cutting Length: 10, 12 or 16 inch
    ASTM D6287

  2. Elmendorf Precision Sample Cutter

    It quickly prepares uniform samples for Elmendorf tear testing.
    Cutting Width: 63 mm (2.48 in)
    Cutting Length: up to 152.4 mm (6 inch)
    Paper, Paperboard, Plastic Film

  3. ALFA Laboratory Sample Cutter

    Precision sample preparation with cutter dies.  It utilizes interchangeable steel rule dies to prepare samples in a wide range of shapes to meet virtually any standard.  A large selection of dies are available for all your testing requirements and can be configured to prepare any number and shape of test samples up to the maximum cutting area of the ALFA unit.

  1. Bending/Crease Stiffness Tester

    From a simple model to the advanced and sophisticated model of Bending/Crease Stiffness tester, we have few models for you.  Optional COF fixture for determination of static and kinetic coefficient of friction can be added to make it as a multi function tester.

  2. Bonding Tester

    Our Universal Materials Tester provides an easy-to-use, dependable testing platform. From low profile single-column frames /or twin-column, the instrument is accurately determined the bonding strengths of a wide and varied range of materials including laminates and plastics.

  3. Contact Angle Tester

    Various contact angle measuring instruments are available to be chosen from. The contact angle is determined and is illustrated with a small liquid droplet resting on a flat horizontal solid surface, which is then determined by using Young’s relation.

  4. Elmendorf Tearing Tester

    As the original manufacturer of the Elmendorf design, Thwing-Albert’s ProTear Tear tester is a worldwide standard for measuring the internal tear resistance of sheet materials.  The Mechanical, Electronic, and Heavy Duty models are available to choose.

  5. Friction/Peel tester

    Commonly known as COF Tester, ours is designed to provide accurate and user-friendly testing.  It can be configured to measure the static and kinetic coefficient of friction, seal strength and peel properties of a wide variety of materials.  Additional fixtures for peel testing are available to meet the international peel standards.


    ASTM D1894, ISO 8295, TAPPI T-816, and many other COF standards and Peel standards.

  6. Handle-O-Meter

    The Handle-O-Meter measures the “handle” which is the combined effects of flexibility and surface friction of sheeted material such as nonwovens, tissue, toweling, film and textiles.


  7. Heat Sealer / Hot Tack Tester

    Single jaw heat sealers up to 5 jaws heat sealers are available for solution to your sealing strength problems.


    ASTM F2029The hot tack tester provides an accurate, repeatable and consistent method of testing the sealing properties of a wide range of materials.


    ASTM F1921

  8. Inkometer

    The Inkometer 1100 measures the apparent tack of printing ink under conditions closely approximating the dynamic conditions of the ink-distribution system of a printing press. It provides the highest accuracy and efficiency for research and development, quality control and process evaluation to verify, test and improve quality.


  9. Tensile Tester

    Similar to Bonding Tester, the tensile test can be determined using our Universal Materials Testers.  Single-column frames /or twin-column are available depending on the capacity needed.

  10. Tensiometer

    Tensiometer is used to measure the surface tension and interfacial tension of a liquid using the Wilhelmy Plate or the Du Noüy Ring method, with data transfer to PC or printer. In addition, it is able to determine the density of liquids.

    Measurements are carried out automatically, controlled by the built-in micro processor. It is excellent for quality control applications.

  11. Thickness Tester

    The tester utilizes the most advanced technology to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of sheeted materials such as paper, plastic films, tissue and toweling, nonwovens, and textiles. Different specifications are available. Automatic strip feeder is available as option for cross-reel profiling and roll or strip feeding.

  12. Dart Drop Impact Tester

    This new instrument provides the ability to meet ASTM D1709 Method A & B, for testing plastic film, coated paper and other sheeted materials that need to meet the ASTM D1709 standard.