1. Coating/Laminating

    Working together with NordMeccanica for Indonesia market for more than 10 years, with over 50 coating/laminating machines installed in Indonesia, Batumasindah has never been so proud and confident with the sophisticated technology which NordMeccanica offers to the flexible packaging as well as the plastic film industries.  With their continuous research and development, and innovation in providing reliable and environmentally friendly solution, we look further for other successful years to come.

  2. Vacuum Metallizers

    With additional technology in the vacuum metallizer machine from NordMeccanica, Batumasindah has its own challenge to introduce the technology within the market in Indonesia.  However despite the challenges, with long years of working together side by side, both NordMeccanica and Batumasindah surely have confident, they offer integrated solution to the converting industry.

  3. Extrusion Lines

    In 2017, Batumasindah is proudly announced its collaboration with COLINES® for the Extrusion Lines.  Our team of electronic, mechanical and process engineers are ready to coordinate with COLINES® after-sale service team, to take care of the commissioning of the line and in case of quick interventions

  4. Slitter/Rewinder

    Adding Slitter/Rewinder machine into the product lines, Batumasindah is looking forward to give more solution for Indonesian market, for either primary or secondary slitter rewinder, or even if our customer needs the tailored solutions, we are here with our selection of state of the art machinery for film, paper and converting industries.