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Solution For High Quality and Efficiency

Antistatic Equipment

We have a very wide range of anti-static equipment, from shockproof and non-shockproof versions, for applications that require long range neutralization, and other applications depending on your needs.

Surface Inspection Lights (Stroboscope)

Either using Xenon or the friendly “GO GREEN” LED lights, our stroboscope product line provides an array of lights to match your specific application.  We offer a new generation of quality control pulse lighting.

Surface Pre-treatment System

Different industry and application may require different pre-treatment system.
We provide Corona Pre-treatment system, Flame Treatment, Atmospheric Plasma Treatment, Ozonator (for plastic extrusion coating), and 3-D Treater System.

Laser Scribing / Laser Perforation

Our principal, Micro laser Tech (Germany), offers system solution of Laser Scribing for Film Converters and Packaging Industry, and system solution of Laser Perforation for Packaging Industry and Tobacco Industry.

Gas Generator

Having thought the safety concern for those users of cylinder gas, together with Peak Scientific (Scotland, UK), we supply gas generators for H2 (Hydrogen gas), N2 (Nitrogen gas), and Zero Air gas.  Convenient, safe, reliable, are just some advantages to switch your cylinder gas to gas generators.

Camera Web Inspection System

For those looking for inspection systems, either for printing quality or defect inspection on plain surface, NIRECO (Japan) provides solution with their high technology but user friendly system.

Viscosity Control System

Working together with Fasnacht AG who’s the first company in the world to develop specialized viscosity control systems for the printing industry, Batumasindah now can offer products that can help define standards recognized throughout the printing industry

Diaphragm Cylinder

Working together with FUJIKURA RUBBER LTD., Japan, we have precision Air Regulators, BF Cylinders, Vacuum Pressure Regulators, Electro-Pneumatic Transducers, etc.